Monday, April 5, 2010

Friendship - same name, new game.

In childhood, friendship was to play together, to share lunch, to discuss the good and the bad, to make fun of each other, to gossip about teachers, to share secrets and what not. With time it seems that things have changed. But I am yet to adapt to the new rules, the so called principles of gen Y friendship. Once upon a time being with friends for whole day dint suffice, we were never out of topics to discuss, criticize or make fun of. It was a crime not to tell your best friend about your new dress or new bicycle. Today its immaturity to expect that your friends will tell you that they are flying off to states for a couple of years.

It has been years since when I am observing the changes in the definitions of friendship. Several times I have been proven wrong, several times I have had discussion about this, several times I have thought I am intelligent enough, but to no luck, I am left perplexed, glancing through my childhood memoir, craving for those friendships so dear.

And look at the height of optimism, am not yet ready to give up. Can you beat this?

In past several years I have heard things like I am still a kid, I need to grow up with time, I need to change my priorities, I need to change my expectation, but hey ,look at me once again. I am not yet ready to give up. I still don’t feel a need to change or improve or be mature. I still believe one day some one will come and tell me ‘yes, you are right, that’s how friends are’

I don’t think that friends should necessarily meet very often, but when they meet they should have the same old enthusiasm. I don’t think that friends should call you when they buy a new shirt, but when they get promoted, I do expect them to call and celebrate. I don’t expect them to call me because they are having a headache, but yes I do expect them to call me when something is keeping them tensed for days.

I know their priorities have changed, but my expectations hasn’t yet adapted well. It has been years and it will take a few more at least for me to understand this new found concept of friendship, which to me looks like more of networking.

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  1. You got it right boy, things have changed, not just from pocket money to not so fat salaries, damn I need an appraisal, from class rooms to square cubicles, how much I hate these cubicles, from mindless gossips to "aur bata" one liners, annoying phrase discovered by generation Y-Z, from runaway trips to unrealized plans, I really miss Miss GOA, from a dream to explore unknowns to the wish to travel back in time, things really have changed. Running away from life, chasing the mistaken dreams, facing nightmares outright, I hear the faraway cries of the distressed soul, caressing ashes of memories so good, so old and so fine. But really, what has changed, other than the fact that we have discovered our personal lives & it's damn insecurities. Dude, let us not sound like famous bollywood Rudali singing "pichli gali main jaane kya chhod aayi main", and take the step forward. So pick up your mobile and call me, tell me, O panwar bh***di ke, get ready, we are flying off to GOA tonight :-)